A bit of Eggers’ history

Eggers Industries, established in 1884, has a proud heritage with portions of its legacy dating back to the early 1960’s. The picture is a fire label from a door still in operation from the 1960’s bearing the name of Hardwood Products Corporation.

Hardwood Products Corporation was established in 1910, in Neenah, Wisconsin, making hardwood doors and interior trim as an extension of a small veneer plant organized in 1908 near Vicksburg, Mississippi. The original officers of Hardwood Products Company were; W. C. Wing, President; D. L. Kimberly, Vice President; C. B. Clark, Secretary; and E. D. Beals, Treasurer.

The plant was equipped with the most modern, efficient door machinery and was one of the largest in the country devoted exclusively to the manufacturing of doors made to architectural details and specifications.

During World War II, the plant was dedicated to manufacturing Navy shell boxes. The company also manufactured numerous items for war use including its regular products, doors, on many wartime installations.

Hardwood Products Corporation doors were installed in many Veterans’ Hospitals built after World War II throughout the country. More notable installations included the White House in Washington D.C., the Rotary International Building at Evanston, Illinois, and soundproof doors in the United Nation’s buildings.

In 1965 Eggers purchased Hardwood Products Corporation, as an extension of its already existing business, and is now Eggers’ Neenah facility, continuing the heritage of quality doors meeting the details and specifications required. 

Reference: http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/