Soundwood Acoustical Offerings

Eggers Industries melds technology with style to produce some of the most beautiful, high-performing acoustical doors and frames. Eggers’ Soundwood Acoustical line offers the highest STC ratings in the industry. Our capabilities allow combinations of acoustical performance and other special functionalities to meet design requirements and building codes.

Eggers’ STC doors and frames are found in airports, healthcare and hospitality facilities, government and municipal buildings as well as educational institutions. Typical applications of our Soundwood acoustical doors and frames include performance
venues, conference rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums and classrooms.

Advantages of Eggers Soundwood Acoustic Doors

Eggers has conducted acoustic tests on all our standard door constructions. In many cases where the acoustic properties need to be known, but are not the primary objective, a standard door construction may be all that is required. Where the project design requires acoustic performance above and beyond those of the standard doors, Eggers has designed and tested a full line of special constructions.

Some of the benefits offered by this broad range of products include:

  • STC ratings ranging from 38 through 52
  • Applications that include single swing, standard swing pairs, doors and transoms, and Dutch doors.
  • Acoustic ratings for both flush and stile & rail doors.
  • Applications without lites, with small lites (100 sq. in.), medium lites (370 sq. in.), large lites (1,296 sq. in), and even full lites.
  • Applications with 20-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute fire ratings.
  • Applications that provide x-ray as well as acoustical performance.
  • Applications tested in wood frames.
  • Applications for airport housing noise abatement programs.

Soundwood Technical Resources: