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Eggers Continues to Expand Product Offerings

Eggers Research and Development team continues to work diligently to expand Eggers diverse product offering.  Meeting the needs of this very competitive and rapidly changing industry is the goal of our talented R & D team.  Here are some of the new offerings launched over the last year. 1)      Stile & Rail Acoustical Pairs, tested…
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Eggers eiDoor™ – When you are not willing to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality

Since its launch in 2008, the eiDoor™ has quickly become the choice product for demanding and high-traffic environments such as healthcare and education. These doors are manufactured with InPro Corp’s IPC Rigid Vinyl Sheet™ face material which provides you with ultimate durability, functionality and versatility. No longer will you have to apply unattractive metal protective…
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Moisture: A Door’s Worst Enemy

Moisture presents many issues for a door manufacturer and having a thorough understanding of what moisture can do to a door during and after the manufacturing process is essential. There are three factors concerning moisture that we must be aware of during the manufacturing process: dry air during the winter time, variations of moisture content…
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