What options are available with the eiDoor®?

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Our eiDoor Capabilities Brochure also outlines the features and benefits of impact-resistant doors.

What types of frames can be used with Eggers’ Soundwood Acoustical Doors?

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Of course, you can also pair our acoustical doors with our acoustical wood frame. Download our Soundwood Acoustical brochure for more information.

How can I track my shipment?

Your customer service representative will be able to provide you with tracking details.

What is LEED and why should I know about it?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a voluntary, consensus-based collection of national standards for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings and interiors.

It has become increasingly recognized by architects and professional designers as a complete framework for assessing building performance and meeting sustainability goals.

Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), there are currently four available LEED standards:

  • LEED-NC (version 2.2) for new construction and major renovation projects.
  • LEED-EB (pilot version) for existing building operations and maintenance.
  • LEED-CI (pilot version) for commercial interior projects.
  • LEED-CS (pilot version) for core and shell projects.
  • USGBC also offers a comprehensive system of professional accreditation, training and practical resources.

Can I use my own shipper to deliver my order?

Yes, you have the option of using your own shipper. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to work with you to determine the best carrier for your order. As a standard, Eggers offers LTL and dedicated shipments for most customer orders.

Stile & Rail Doors: Kathy Scherer / 920.793.1351 x3534 / kscherer@eggersindustries.com

Flush Doors:  Barbara Hill / 920.722.6444 x3135 /bhill@eggersindustries.com


How and where can I obtain Eggers product literature?

There are a few ways to obtain Eggers product literature.

  • Call us at 920.793.1351.
  • Use our Literature Request Form option under the Contact Forms section of the Contact tab.
  • Download and print any of our PDF brochures.

Does Eggers provide veneer samples?

Yes, we do provide veneer samples. Simply complete the Sample Request Form and email to your Project Coordinator or to sales@eggersindustries.com.  You can also go to our Finish Selector Guide to view our more popular veneer species and their respective standard finishes.


Does Eggers practice sustainability?

Yes, we are a company committed to protecting our environment and conserving our natural resources. Eggers is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, to manufacture products in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) standards.

We offer agricultural fiber based LD-2 and UFF particleboard cores and FSC certified stave core types for flush doors. Our UV-cured finishing system consists of water-based stains and 100 percent solid clear coats that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Can I earn LEED points with Eggers products?

Yes, Eggers architectural wood doors, panels, and other products can assist building owners and design teams toward certification by earning LEED-NC points in the Materials and Resources category and Indoor Environmental Quality.

  • MR Credit 4.1: Sum of post-consumer and one-half of pre-consumer content is 10% of the total value of materials in the project.
  • MR Credit 4.2: Sum of post-consumer and one-half of pre-consumer content is 20% of the total value of materials in the project.
  • MR Credit 6: Rapidly renewable materials is 2.5% of the total value of all building materials.
  • EQ Credit 4.4: Composite wood and agrifiber products used on the interior of the building shall contain no added urea-formaldehyde resins. Laminating adhesives to fabricate shop-applied composite wood or agrifiber assemblies shall contain no added urea-formaldehyde resins.
  • MR Credit 7.0: 50% of all new wood value in the project needs to be FSC certified new wood.

What recourse do I have if my order is damaged during freight?

Customer satisfaction is a priority at Eggers.

Rest assured Eggers will do what’s right and will always work toward a fair and equitable solution.

If your order has been damaged during freight, contact our customer service department.

Can Eggers offer ship date improvements?

At Eggers, we do our best to help our customers including, when possible, ship date improvements. Contact customer service with any requests.

Does Eggers offer factory machining?

Yes we do. Eggers machining and banding capabilities gives you a competitive edge in your industry. Edge detail can be selected from veneer band, concealed band, waterfall edge, or exposed lumber band.

They can be machined to nearly any radius or bullnosed to meet your design criteria. Our CNC boring, routing, and mortising centers are capable of boring holes, cutting grooves, mortising, rabbeting, radiusing, or routing to exceptionally close tolerances.

The final touch is provided by our computer controlled, 3-headed polishing sander to ensure uniform sanding. The components are now ready for shipping to you or they can continue to the Eggers finishing line.

Does Eggers offer factory finishing?

Yes, Eggers offers four factory-finish options. Our factory-applied finishes provide consistent and uniform color in a controlled, dust-free environment.

Options include:

  • UV-cured finishing – six coats of high-quality finish
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish
  • Eggers Gardall Plus – additional topcoat provides a semi-filled look to the wood grain

Conversion varnish and specialty finishes such as opaque, pickled, distressed, and more are also available.

Please visit our Finishing Systems page for more information.

Is Eggers able to custom-manufacture a specific product outside the usual parameters, e.g. construction, rating?

Eggers is able to meet and even exceed customer requests that fall outside general construction parameters.
 Contact Eggers at  920.793.1351 to find out how we can help you meet your project needs.

Does Eggers manufacture commercial fire-rated doors?

Yes, Eggers manufactures doors with fire ratings of 20-, 45-, 60-, and 90-minute. All our fire-rated doors comply with positive and negative pressure code requirements.

What wood species are available as veneers?

Eggers offers one of the widest selection of hardwood veneers. As a standard, the veneer species we offer include: Ash, Anigre, Avodire, Bamboo, Beech, Birch, Bubinga, Burls, Butternut, Cherry, Chestnut, Ebony, Eucalyptus, VG Fir, Red Gum, Hickory, Jatoba, Koa, Lacewood, Laurel, Lyptus, Mahogany, Maple, Bird’s Eye Maple, Makore, Movingue, Mozambique, Oak, Padauk, Pearwood, Prima Vera, Poplar, Rosewood, Sapele, Sassandra, Satinwood Sycamore, Teak, Walnut, and Zebrawood. Upon request, we will procure the wood species of your choice.

Does Eggers manufacture solid wood doors?

We manufacture architectural wood doors utilizing a variety of core types.

What type of wood products does Eggers Manufacture?

Eggers is renowned as much for its architectural plywood paneling and components as for its wood doors.

We manufacture both flush and stile and rail doors. Within these door categories, we are able to custom manufacture doors with specialty applications including, but are not limited to; stylus, fire-rating up to 90-minute, STC ratings, bullet-resistance, lead-shielding, LEED, and a host of product combinations (e.g. stylus/STC doors, etc.)

Architectural plywood products Eggers manufactures include; conference tops, furniture components, ceiling panels, elevator panels, veneer-wrapped trims and profiles, cut-to-size, and curved panels.

If you have questions about Eggers’ products not addressed in this section, please email your queries to sales@eggersindustries.com