Door and Frame Schedules

Review the general door schedule instruction form below before completing the relevant forms for your order. You may submit your paperwork immediately to Eggers by choosing the “Submit Request” option, or if you prefer, you can save and submit your forms at a later time via e-mail or fax. You can also download forms to your computer for future use.

A completed “Schedule A” must accompany all orders. See instruction form for additional details.

Instruction Form (PDF)
Schedule A – Architectural Wood Door Schedule (PDF)
Schedule B – Prefit and Machining Door Schedule (PDF)
Schedule C – Door Identification Codes (PDF)
Schedule D – Interior Blocking (Screw Reinforcements) (PDF)
Schedule E – Door Elevation Sheet (PDF)
Schedule F – Door Sectional Details (PDF)
Schedule G – Stile and Rail, Sketchface and Applied Molding Elevations (PDF)
Schedule H – Prefit and Machining Frame Schedule (PDF)
Schedule J – Dutch Door Schedule (PDF)