A Designer’s Dream – Metal Laminate and Wood Veneer

Metal Inlay Post HeaderCan’t decide between classic or contemporary? Blending the two is the perfect choice. Our new Metal Laminate Inlay Flush Doors bring out the beauty in veneer while adding a contemporary edge with striking inlays. The exquisite beauty and figure of the Quartered Makore shown above is highlighted with diagonal metal laminate inlays. The design opportunities are endless.

We simply cut the laminate sheet material to strip widths to match the reveal width and can offer 1/4″ to 3/4″ widths. Reveals can be made into rectangles or virtually any combination of straight lines. Strips can also extend the full width or height of the door but the cross-section of the metal laminate will be visible at the edge of the door. Currently, we offer both standard and special color offerings for the metal laminate depending upon your design intent.

This door will be highlighted at the Door & Hardware show being held in Dallas this June. Check out last week’s post for more information regarding DHI CoNEXTions 2014. We look forward to seeing you there.

Eggers’ eiDoor® can also offer a metal laminate inlay. Pair it with the wide assortment of impact-resistant Woodland eiDoor faces to finish the look.