Government and Public Facilities Market

From the Pentagon to courthouses, the Federal Reserve Bank to police stations, we provide quality products that enhance stateliness and functionality.  Whether it’s bullet-resistant doors at the U.S. Senate, acoustical doors within judicial chambers or a conference top in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Eggers’ meticulously crafted products surpass the highest industry standards.

  • Eggers’ bullet-resistant doors are designed to protect life and property from direct arm fire.
  • Our acoustical doors provide superior sound control and have the highest STC ratings in the industry – STC 40 for true stile & rail doors and STC 51 for flush doors.
  • Eggers’ fire-rated doors offer superior functionality and visual appeal. Our flush doors, true stile & rail doors and veneered door frames are fire-rated up to 90-minute.
  • Fabrication and construction of oversized doors is a key Eggers specialty. Our non-rated doors can measure up to 4′ wide x 10′ long for flush. Stile & rail doors can go up to 4′ x 11′ for singles and 8′ x 11′ for non-rated pairs.
  • Architectural plywood paneling for intricately matched courtrooms is just one example of how our diverse plywood capabilities find their way into government and public facility projects.
  • Tabletops custom fabricated to meet the needs of any facility is Eggers’ specialty.

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