Hospitality Market

From large, five-star hotels to elegant restaurants and 24-hour casinos, we provide quality products that make hospitality venues more fun, interesting and a lot more functional.  Whether it’s a majestic, oversized door for a grand ballroom, a detailed elevator cab or an imposing conference top in a meeting room – Eggers’ meticulously crafted products surpass the highest industry standards.

  • Stile and Rail doors for one-of-a-kind first impressions.
  • Stylus doors offer the beauty of the Stile and Rail door at an economical price.
  • Our acoustical doors provide superior sound control – an absolute necessity for successful meetings and conferences.
  • Fire-rated doors and frames up to 90-minute
  • Oversized door capabilities
  • Concealed hardware
  • Architectural plywood paneling with reveals and inlays for featured areas. We can also provide veneered ceiling tiles, curved, flat, shaped or oversized panels all in a variety of matches.
  • From the check-in counters to the bell stations and the concierge desk to the cocktail bar and waiting area, Eggers’ finely crafted and intricately matched wood paneling components lend ambiance while completing your look and vision.
  • Our renowned conference tops are found at the finest hotels and meeting places in the world.

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