Office and Corporations Market

Our meticulously crafted products and custom designs provide the perfect door and veneer solutions needed to enhance company image and promote greater work satisfaction.

  • Eggers Industries is a comprehensive resource for outstanding doors and frames. Our doors, whether 5-ply flush, stile & rail or Stylus, make strong and lasting impressions.
  • Our acoustical capabilities result in exceptional sound control – an absolute necessity for successful meetings and office productivity. Our noise-retardant doors keep distracting sounds out of meeting rooms and offices, and prevent information discussed from being overheard.
  • Eggers offers an extensive variety of sidelite and transom options, glass styles and size combinations to meet any aesthetic and functional need. Our Silhouettes™ Specialty Glass collection provides numerous options to enhance entryways with glass and natural sunlight.
  • When it comes to creating ambiance and lending character to any environment, nothing compares to the versatility and understated richness of wood. Our diverse architectural plywood paneling capabilities provide limitless design opportunities.
  • Eggers’s conference tops play a central role in numerous offices across the country. From boardrooms to everyday meeting areas, our tabletops are custom designed to meet your exact specifications.

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