What statement do your wood flush doors make? Rarely has a door made as strong of a statement as our Vinterio Door. As versatile as it is attractive, this door creates a bold, unique, and modern look while remaining focused on environmental responsibility.

Available in any of Eggers’ wood flush door constructions, the Vinterio Door offers unprecedented flexibility. Whether specifying lead-lined, bullet-resistant, acoustical, or mineral core fire doors, the Vinterio Door offers a unique look that is sure to make a statement.

Vinterio’s process produces different effects from different wood species.  Some species, such as tulipwood have a bold, stripy look, while others such as cherry have a subtle, blending, linear look.  To create a truly custom look, Vinterio offers its Nimbus line, in which the customer can create a Vinterio veneer all their own by combining select species to specified dimensions to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

About Vinterio Veneer

Vinterio, a Danzer Group Company, represents a new patented way to slice natural wood veneer. Made from a blend of wood from different trees, Vinterio veneer has a consistent repeatable look from one sheet to another offering “consistency through inconsistency.” No two sheets are identical, but they all blend together perfectly. Due to the unique nature of Vinterio veneer, natural wood characteristics such as pin knots, mineral streaks or cross-bars will be completely random within the veneer rather than repetitive as with standard veneer. Available in standard sheet sizes and able to be randomly spliced together to produce veneer of any width, Vinterio eliminates the need for end, sequence and blueprint matching.

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