Mirrored Flush Doors – Four Designs to Choose From

Mirrored flush doors offer a beautiful, yet functional, design option for multiple applications. Imagine these exquisite flush doors in hotels, hospitals, powder rooms at the theater, or the dressing room of a fine boutique.

Four Options to Choose From

Mirrored Flat Panel
This option offers a similar appearance as other flat panel flush doors with the mirrored panel secured into a cutout with bead. One or both surfaces can have mirrors.

Flush Mirror
The clean and modern appearance of this design has the mirror bonded into a mortise within the face. Available on one or both faces of the door.

Recessed Mirror
If you are looking for a flat panel design on one face and a mirror on the other – this option is for you. The mirror will be installed in a deeper face mortise and secured with mastic and/or glazing bead. This option is available on one face.

Surface-Applied Mirror
This option has the mirror bonded to the face of the door and then secured around its perimeter with overlapping applied molding. It is the most cost-effective option we offer. Please note that the mirror and molding will project from the face of the door. Available on one or both faces.

Screen Shot 02-12-16 at 08.37 AMFast Facts

  • All mirrored flush doors must be structural composite lumber core (SCL).
  • Non-rated
  • 1-3/4″ or 2-1/4″ thickness
  • Faces can be veneered, MDO, high pressure decorative laminate or vinyl (eiDoor®)
  • Mirrors are 1/4″ in thickness with safety film.

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