Your Questions Answered – What options are available on the eiDoor?

eiDoor BrochureThis week we’re here to help you understand the features and benefits of choosing Eggers’ eiDoor®. There has been some confusion regarding the edge construction or what face options are available. More importantly, what benefits are available to you when you make a particular selection? Let’s clarify those details today.

Q: What options are available on the eiDoor®?

A: The eiDoor®, our impact-resistant answer for high-maintenance/high-traffic facilities, has some great options for you to consider.

  • Face Selection – IPC Rigid Vinyl Sheet material available in Woodland (wood grain) patterns, solid color or Elements (decorative) patterns
  • Vinyl Type – PVC (the standard) or Non-PVC (G2 BioBlend® – The non-PVC option, which has been reformulated using a biopolymer blend, is only available in solid colors).
  • Texture – The velvet texture is now the standard so no need to make any choice here. This texture offers a subdued finish.
  • Edge Construction – We recommend our removable edge as your best option for impact-resistance and this edge is available to match the face vinyl pattern or can be provided in stainless steel. Our removable edge is available on Non-Rated – 45-Minute singles and pairs and also with our 60-Minute single doors. We do also offer a fixed edge construction.
  • Specialty Door Features – Fire-ratings, acoustical ratings, lead-lined, LEED®-contributing and bullet-resistant constructions are available. Please review our brochure for specific specifications and contact us with any questions.
  • Don’t forget to get creative with our eiDoor with sketchface and inlays now available. Download the flyer for more information.

Here are some other resources regarding our eiDoor line:

As always, answering your questions is important to us. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.