Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Overview

We are a visionary company. That's why we constantly push ourselves beyond merely producing the finest doors. Our paneling, tabletops and components measure up to the same precision as our famous door line. But our vision also goes beyond the products we offer. We invite you to be our partner in the mutual pursuit of exceptional wood products.

Eggers operates on a Visionary Company process that revolves around five core values:

1. Balanced Responsibilities that consider our Customers, Employees, Shareholders and the Community.
2. Continuous Improvements from all employees.
3. Honesty, Integrity and Reliability in all actions by all employees.
4. Sharing successes through rewards and celebrations.
5. Avoiding a Hit Below the Water Line to ensure stable finances and company leadership.

World-Class Manufacturing Facilities

Having two divisions in Northeast Wisconsin, Eggers Industries manufactures architectural flush doors, true stile and rail doors, door frames, veneered plywood panels, ceiling tiles, and custom veneered components for premier commercial projects.  Special product applications include bullet-resistant, fire-rated, lead-lined, acoustical,  and FSC certified products that contribute points to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Eggers meets AWS and WDMA wood product standards.

Two Rivers Division
This multi-capacity plant is where we manufacture true stile and rail doors, 5-ply architectural wood flush doors, sketchface doors, wood door frames, architectural and blueprint matched plywood paneling, custom conference tabletops, veneer wrapped trims utilizing various substrates including metal, plus a variety of custom architectural plywood applications which can be premachined and prefinished.

Neenah Division
Focusing solely on 5-ply architectural wood flush doors, the Neenah division offers door slabs, prefinished, premachined, glazed and any combination required. Our flush wood door division excels in specialty applications, providing fire-rated, leadlined, bullet-resistant, impact-resistant and acoustical doors with the highest industry ratings.