Understanding Wood Veneer Part II

Posted on July 02, 2018

The relationship one leaf of veneer has to its adjacent neighbor can be shown in two ways - book match and slip match. The method in which the individual cuts of veneer are placed next to each other when faces are fabricated will affect the overall appearance of the doors.

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Understanding Wood Veneer - Part I

Posted on May 25, 2018

We'll begin our series on veneer by exploring the world of veneer cuts. The method, in which a log is cut in relation to the annual growth rings, determines the overall appearance of the veneer. So what are the differences between veneer cuts and what effect do these cuts have on the final look of the veneer?

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Stile and Rail Doors: What you need to know

Posted on April 16, 2018

When designing, specifying, estimating, or ordering stile and rail wood doors, it is helpful to have a thorough understanding of the definitions. What is a mullion or a muntin? What is the difference between sticking and bead? What about the panel options - which is more costly? This post will answer those questions and more.

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