Finishing Systems

Finishing Systems

Eggers provides the widest selection of finishing systems in the industry. Our wide range of finish systems are anchored by Gardall, consisting of water based stains and 100% solid clear coats that contain no VOC's. Gardall is an environmentally friendly finish system.

Eggers' Gardall system meets or exceeds the performance standards set by WDMA and AWS for UV-cured finish systems. Eggers' broad selection of finishing systems provides a cost efficient alternative to field finishing. With factory finishing, you can expect superior color consistency and uniformity.

Neenah Division Finishing Process
Our Neenah Division utilizes a precision roll coating finishing process resulting in six coats of finish with a final dry coating thickness of 1.5 mils. Multiple thin coats of material offer a high-quality smooth appearance with the durability essential in the commercial door industry.

Two Rivers Division Finishing Process
Our Two Rivers Division utilizes a top-of-the-line spray finishing system with automatic spray guns, all in an enclosed chamber. Eggers has implemented strict manufacturing procedures and processes to address and avoid common finishing issues. We take great pride in the superior quality our finishing system provides.

Other Systems Available

Gardall Plus
This is the same Gardall finish system but it has additional sealer and/or topcoats applied. This is used for specifications for filled effect finish or semi-filled. Ask for clarification whenever a filled effect is listed on a specification.

Opaque Finish
Our opaque finish is offered as WDMA OP-4/AWS system 5 and can match any color. This finish is often referred to as "paint."  Industry standards do not recognize "paint" as a finish system, only opaque finishes, as "paint" is too generic of a term to be used as a designated architectural grade finish.

Ebonized Finish
This finish blackens the veneer and is done in one of two methods depending upon the desired look. We will either utilize stain or diluted opaque varnishes to obtain the desired color.

Whitewash Finish
A white stain is used to achieve this specialty look.

Toned / NGR Finishes
These systems are available by special request. These non-wiping stain application (NGR) finishes have the colorants incorporated into the transparent finish coats.

Exterior Finish
Exterior finish is different than any other finish system we offer. All exterior doors are finished with an exterior grade spar urethane, a water and UV resistant finish. This is a specially formulated finish designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, the finish expands and contracts with wood as the humidity and temperature change.

These are not permanent finishes and will require yearly maintenance to preserve the integrity of the finish. Our exterior finish includes the preservative treatment which is a fungicide and mildew-resistant treatment that is sprayed on the doors prior to stain and topcoats. It contains water repellants to aid in control of checking and grain rising.

Due to the preservative treatment and the general characteristics of spar varnish, the overall appearance of an exterior finish is different than our interior finishes. Sample approval for both interior and exterior finishes will be required for all projects.

Factory Finish Specifications
Section 08200, Part II, Prefinish:
Doors to be factory finished to meet or exceed WDMA I.S. 1A-13 specifications for a TR-8 UV-cured finish system or AWS Section 5 specifications for a UV curable polyester urethane finish system.

Specify Eggers' Gardall–a water-based stain and UV curable polyester urethane finish system that complies with all applicable Federal and State regulations for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) emission limitations per the EPA Clean Air Act.

Additional Specification Information
Industry standards allow doors with a full range of color and grain that exist naturally in species. Veneer color and characteristic may vary between species, within the same specie, and potentially within a flitch. Selection of veneer for a more uniform color and grain is available from Eggers. Projects requiring doors to match exactly or match uniformly in color or grain must be specified at the time of quotation.