Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Our continuing education classes are offered per request throughout the year at a time that best suits your busy schedule. Each class is an hour long, interactive session that can be scheduled over the lunch hour for convenience. Continuing education credits are available through AIA with each session worth one AIA/CES learning unit and one HSW credit.

Understanding Wood Door Constructions

  • The differences between 5-ply and 7-ply doors
  • Strengths and weaknesses of different constructions
  • New components and capabilities associated with wood doors
  • Distinguish between door constructions

Avoiding Potholes: The Road to Better Wood Door Specs

  • Be able to identify ten of the most common trouble areas or potholes pertaining to wood doors
  • Understand why these trouble areas or potholes can have a negative impact on a project
  • Ability to avoid most of these potholes through proper specification
  • Know how to access the resources available to make informed decisions

LEED® Certified Wood Doors

Earn LEED® points with sustainable design by:

  • Learning which constructions maximize LEED® points for doors
  • Identifying relevant organizations and their roles in the certification process
  • Creating proper specifications for certified doors

Understanding Wood Veneer

  • Learn the varying cuts, grades, species, and matching options
  • Specify most veneer faces with early recognition of trouble areas
  • Recommend alternatives for species that are endangered
  • Know how to access and engage key industry resources
  • Working knowledge of WDMA, AWS, and HPVA grade standards
  • Understand positive pressure fire door
  • Understand various elements of a positive pressure door
  • Understand how positive pressure is implemented
  • Understand the difference between various positive pressure categories

Wood Panel Construction

  • Understand various core options
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of different constructions
  • Understand the various banding, matching, reveal, and corner options
  • Working knowledge of AWI/AWS and HPVA grade standards

Understanding LEED® for Plywood

  • Introduce the USGBC and LEED® rating system
  • Explain differences between LEED® Version 2.2 and Version 3.0
  • Understand how wood panel products contribute to LEED credits
  • Clarify the formaldehyde issue

Positive Pressure and Smoke Control

  • Learn about pressure categories and smoke control requirements
  • Understand the importance of proper installation
  • Learn tips to establish the most effective positive pressure openings