Eggers Online

Eggers Online

Online Quoting and Ordering Program

Eggers Online (EOL) is an easy-to-use, secure online quote and order program for Eggers products. Simply enter the product specifications for an instant estimate or enter your order and enjoy the benefits of a reduced lead time. Enter either a coordinated or uncoordinated order and submit directly to Eggers.

To access the program, you will need a User ID and Password issued by Eggers. Call Eggers Industries at 920.793.1351 to start an Eggers Online account. 

Click on the link below to go to Eggers Online.

EOL Support

Eggers Industries has a team of specialized EOL Order Expeditors working diligently to effectively process EOL orders and to support you when you need answers or clarification.

As a standard practice we advise customers to utilize as necessary. 

Using this direct email address is the best method to ensure your question(s) will be addressed in the most efficient and effective manner. This includes issues such as pricing adjustments, special veneer, plastic laminate additions, or questions regarding finding the right hardware selection or template, to mention a few. 

Using the email link above provides you direct access to an Eggers' EOL Support person, who in turn will focus on addressing your concern(s). If you want to call to speak to someone who can help walk you through your question as well, please call and simply ask for an EOL Order Expeditor and your call will be directed to one of our team members who can assist you in the most efficient manner.

Using the EOL Order Support email or by calling and asking for an EOL Order Expeditor will ensure an efficient work flow thereby eliminating duplication of efforts for you and our internal team. 

Helpful Downloads

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