Eggers Industries' uncompromising commitment to excellence and unwavering attention to detail has made us the manufacturer of choice for premier commercial projects across the country.

We produce architectural doors, wood jambs, wood paneling, wood ceiling tiles, conference tabletops and veneered components that enhance both the quality and visual impact of any project, from exacting historical renovations to the creation of stunning modern designs. Eggers' architectural products are part of many renowned facilities, like New York's Four Seasons Hotel or the Pentagon, as well as countless hospitals, schools, office buildings, sports arenas and other venues across the country.

Eggers Products, Services and Capabilities

Architectural Wood Doors

True Stile and Rail Doors
Eggers' true stile and rail doors set the standard for design and craftsmanship. We produce and prefinish custom profiles with 20- to 90-minute ratings. Acoustical ratings are available through STC 40. Full-lites, true-divided lites and grillwork options are also available.

Flush Doors Our 5-ply wood flush doors set the standard for this versatile category of architectural doors. They're available in fire ratings through 90-minute and come in a variety of species, from domestics to rare exotics. Specialty applications include lead-lined, acoustical, impact-resistant and bullet-resistant.

Stylus Doors Eggers' Stylus doors bring together the superior functionality of 5-ply flush doors and the elegance of stile and rail doors. A cost-effective alternative to stile and rail doors, they're fire-rated through 90-minute and available in a large range of profiles to match existing doors. Stylus doors are available with STC ratings 31, 32 and 33, depending on core type.

Palladium® Door Pair the quality and performance of Eggers' architectural wood doors with the strength and protection of IPC Rigid Vinyl Sheet from InPro Corporation and you have a supremely durable flush door that is built to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. Available as non-rated, fire-rated, acoustical (STC), lead-lined, bullet-resistant and LEED® contributing, the Palladium® Door has quickly become the main choice for high-traffic and high-maintenance facilities. The Palladium® Door is also now available in sketchface designs. Let your creativity lead you.

Architectural Paneling and Components

Architectural plywood paneling, corporate furniture, curved plywood panels, custom conference tabletops - anywhere you desire to add the richness and elegance of wood - Eggers has the expertise and knowledge to bring it to perfect form.

Custom fabrication from a wide selection of hardwood face veneers meets the most exacting standards desired by architects and interior designers. From preformed radius or curved plywood panels, to specialty ceiling tiles, our plywood department has the capability and capacity to meet and exceed the needs of your next project.