Featured Products

At Eggers, we always look to innovate and enhance our product offerings. As we unveil new products, you can find the latest information here.

Soundwood Acoustical Products


Plywood that looks beautiful and creates an environment with sound quality to match. Eggers’ acoustical plywood helps to reduce reverberation and noise pollution overall. Style, versatality, and functionality combine to create this innovative high performing addition to your next project.

  • Acoustic architectural plywood panels through NRC 95 for walls and through NRC 90 for ceilings
  • Banded, premachined, and prefinished
  • Curved, standard, or custom panels 
  • Standard perforated or micro perf options
  • Available in almost any specie
  • Fire-rated construction
  • LEED contributing

The Palladium® Door


Eggers partnered with InPro Corporation to bring you our High Impact Palladium® Door. Formerly know as the EiDoor, The Palladium® Door is our impact-resistant answer for high-maintenance/high-traffic facilities.

  • Face Selection – IPC Rigid Vinyl Sheet material available in Woodland (wood grain) patterns, solid color or Elements(decorative) patterns
  • Edge Construction – We recommend our removable edge as your best option for impact-resistance and this edge is available to match the face vinyl pattern or can be provided in stainless steel. Our removable edge is available on Non-Rated – 45-Minute singles and pairs and also with our 60-Minute single doors. We do also offer a fixed edge construction.
  • Specialty Door Features – Fire-ratings, acoustical ratings, lead-lined, LEED®-contributing and bullet-resistant constructions are available. Please review our Palladium® Brochure for specific specifications.
  • Don’t forget to get creative with our Palladium Door with sketchface and inlays now available.

Flush Wood Doors with Metal Laminate Inlays

Home-Bank Metal Inlay

Can’t decide between classic or contemporary? Blending the two is the perfect choice. Our Metal Laminate Inlay Flush Doors bring out the beauty in veneer while adding a contemporary edge with striking inlays. The design opportunities are endless.

We simply cut the laminate sheet material to strip widths to match the reveal width and can offer 1/4″ to 3/4″ widths. Reveals can be made into rectangles or virtually any combination of straight lines. Strips can also extend the full width or height of the door, but the cross-section of the metal laminate will be visible at the edge of the door. Currently, we offer both standard and special color offerings for the metal laminate depending upon your design intent.