Stile and Rail Doors

Stile and Rail Doors

Eggers' stile and rail doors set the standard for architectural entryways, making a strong and lasting impression while surpassing every expectation of quality and value. By creating our own veneer faces and components we're able to offer far greater quality control and compatibility. We're experts at creating and matching a variety of custom architectural designs, ranging from the most contemporary styles to historical renovations. Many of our stile and rail configurations are available with up to 90-minute fire ratings and acoustical ratings up to STC 40.

Unmatched Capabilities and Comprehensive Offerings

Eggers Industries prides itself in providing the highest quality architectural wood products in the industry. Our staff will work with you to meet your needs, no matter how custom they may be. In addition to providing the highest quality stile and rail doors in the industry, Eggers also offers a comprehensive line of architectural wood products to meet all of your project needs.

Eggers' capabilities are virtually unmatched. Unlike the majority of our competitors, Eggers can offer construction meeting the highest quality standards, including a true AWS Premium construction and a true rim banded construction in our stile and rail door line. Additionally, as an AWI-QCP certified manufacturer, you can rest assured each of your architectural products reflects the expert craftsmanship you expect.

From offering the widest selection of stile and rail veneers in the industry, to offering fire-rated and acoustical (STC) stile and rail doors, Eggers offers the most comprehensive stile and rail offerings in the industry. Custom products are our specialty and you will not be limited to our standard patterns or offerings. Simply put, custom patterns, sticking and finishing are what Eggers does best. Our team of experts will help you meet these custom needs, whether for a unique new facility, a historical renovation project where existing doors must be matched, or original doors must be replicated

Green Opportunities

Eggers is dedicated to helping you meet the environmental requirements for your projects. Eggers' stile and rail doors contribute up to 5 LEED® credits including MR:4 Recycled Content, MR:6 Rapidly Renewable Materials, MR:7 Certified Wood, and EQ:4.4 Composite Wood, Agrifiber and Adhesives Contain No Added Urea Formaldehyde. Additionally, all Eggers' architectural wood doors are provided as CARB Phase II compliant without an additional charge. Eggers is FSC® certified and can provide you with certified wood products for your project.

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