Wood Jambs

Wood Jambs

Eggers' meticulously-crafted interior door frames are a combination of beauty, quality and lasting performance. Our wood jambs not only match our doors in quality, but enhance the beauty and performance of each door. These frames are available as non-rated, 20- or 45-minute solid lumber or up to 90-minute in veneered frames, positive or negative pressure and can contribute positively to LEED® ratings.

Solid Lumber Jambs

The exacting standards we use to create Eggers doors also extends to our solid lumber wood door frames. Eggers works diligently to enhance the match up of architectural doors and solid lumber wood frames. Our wood door frames are available with up to 45-minute fire ratings, positive or negative pressure.

Veneer Wrapped Jambs

Eggers can meticulously match veneered wood frames with doors, door lites, and paneling in virtually any available veneer specie. This assures a superior color match when compared to solid lumber or metal frames.

Eggers' interior door frames have a number of advantages:

  • Increased resistance to denting when compared to moderately soft hardwoods
  • Increased stability that eliminates the risk of twisting or warping
  • Easier repair
  • Easier to install than a three-piece frame
  • Supplied finish sanded and generally lower cost than solid lumber

Eggers' veneered wood frames are available with an acoustical STC sound test report up to STC 45. Eggers' Soundwood Acoustical Frames are sold exclusively in combination with Eggers' acoustical doors.

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